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Tantric Necklaces by Sazha-The Meaning Behind Joti Mukande's Mala Necklaces

August 21, 2020

We spoke with Joti about Tantric Malas but discovered so much more.

Tell us about yourself!

I am Filipino­ American, and I am an avid practitioner of Kundalini yoga. I have been practising for the last few years. I started with the mantras, and Kundalini yoga followed. It really transformed my life and deepened my recovery. I'm in recovery from a substance use disorder and that's the space that I work in. Currently, I am the CEO and Co-Founder for Recovery Organization Resources, a national non­profit providing education on substance use. Tantric Malas are my love language, my passion, a part of my destiny, a part of my mission. I do astrological readings and I'm a graduate student at Rutgers for social work. So I do a lot of things. I work with a lot of people. My Aquarius Moon needs different things to keep me engaged and to keep me excited. 

What do you do at the nonprofit?  

Right now my primary focus is mental health and substance use disorders, specifically for LGBTQIA, women and veterans. Last week, I presented to the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration on the specific needs for women veterans. Weekly, I'm doing a presentation, I am speaking on the topic, I'm sharing my lived experience as well as my professional experience.


How did making Tantric Necklaces come about?

I have always felt a relationship with gemstones. I feel very called to them. I believe in their vibration, I believe in their uses. I would read crystal books and when I lived in Arizona, all the natural stones and gemstones, I began to form a relationship with them. Then I saw the pattern for Tantric Malas and I started making them and have been wildly successful. I started doing mala consultations and am now busy making them for people. They accelerate your destiny. They cut your karma and they upgrade you. The way that the codes are designed is something like a mirror of lights that amplifies your aura.

Do you have to go into a meditative state to make the Malas?

Yes, I need to be very present and I need focus, and I'm listening to the mantras, I'm chanting the mantras, I'm setting the intention and I'm doing the prayer.

Can you talk a little bit more about your approach to addiction through meditation and the use of Tantric Malas?

I work with people in the mental health like substance use disorder field. That's a lot of my audience and my clients already. A lot of those people don't practice Kundalini so it's an opportunity to teach the technology, which I love.

People who use substances can be some of the most sensitive and intuitive people and we need that in the Aquarian Age. They can also be the most successful and hardworking, driven people... because they are survivors. They know what it's like to be a prisoner to a drug. Society plays a part in how we treat substance use as well. There's a lot of stigma around getting help. I provide liberated space and do my best to constantly learn and support.

Substances are the first things people think about but food, sex, love, video games, people, behaviors, those are all addictions. And being addicted to your pain, huge one. When you're addicted to your pain, your body is hooked on those chemicals, so you're on a cycle. You're constantly on a cycle of your pain, your self pity, your victimhood, your love, whatever. It's easy to stay hooked on a cycle, and what I believe happens with the addiction meditation is a person can hop off their cycle, even if it's for five minutes. It's a chance at getting off the wheel.  

The addiction meditation (which is when you place your thumbs on your temples and fingers on the pads of your hands... think bear claw, and mentally projecting, SA TA NA MA everyday for three to five minutes) give me a moment to pause and recalibrate by balancing the elements.

What mantra are you using for the Sacred Infinite Malas?

It's such a beautiful mantra. It's Har, Har, Har, Mukanday. It's an energizing creativity mantra. It means God. It means prosperity. And it gives a person energy to get in their body. Mukanday is liberator, so they're getting energy to be liberated. That's my own personal interpretation. When you told me that the Sacred Infinite mission is liberation, I was like, "This is perfect," and it was the first mantra, the intuitive hit that came to me.

Yes, to be free to lead with the heart and empowered and protected at the same time!

I love the stones we chose. Labradorite for intuition and Citrine for prosperity. Prosperity meaning anything that you believe will make you prosperous; energy, resources, money, love... however you define prosperity is the way that I see it. 

Thank you! How can people find you?

So, to get in touch with me about Malas or astrological readings, I can be found on Instagram or my website, You can also email me there.

Also, if you're interested or need access to the recovery housing fund or need help navigating addiction support, you can reach me there too. Email 

Malas made by Joti Mukande for Sacred Infinite can be found here.