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Divination With Astro Dice (While brushing up on your astrology too!)

 January 12, 2021

How to read Astrological Dice

Astrological dice are a little known form of divination which can be a helpful tool when looking more deeply at a situation and reflect what you might already know but which is difficult to see clearly. They are also a great way to brush up on your astrology and can be a fun shared experience with close friends.

How does divination work and why does it work? Whether using tarot, oracles or die, our answer is more quantum and energetic than anything. The best explanation we have is that “like attracts like.” So, the thoughts and energy patterns that match closest to the situation at hand will reflect in the tools you are using. This is why it is important to get centered as much as you can before you begin.

Asking the question:

Find a quiet place, take a few breaths to center inwards. Hold the die in your (intuitive) left hand. Focus on your question. Set intentions that the answers you receive will be for your highest good and come from the highest and lightest energy source.

Form your inquiry as an open ended question rather than one which will give you a yes/no answer. For instance, “What do I need to know about _____”, “What will the outcome look like if I take _____ action” or “How does ____ feel about me?”

If your astro-dice are made from gemstone material, they will be very sturdy, however roll the die out onto a cloth, mat or softer surface.

Reading the answer:

Trust your first thoughts and feelings. Before delving into the definitions, tune into the die displayed before you and register your first impressions.

The house die represents what part of your life is being affected. There are twelve houses.

The zodiac sign die represents how the situation feels, how you are personally affected. For a deeper look, the zodiac die also represent the primary energy patterns of the cosmos which are divided into Elements (Earth, Air, Fire and Water), Modality (Cardinal/Fixed/Mutable) and Polarity (-Yin/+Yang.) Polarities are not gender specific. There are twelve zodiac signs.

The planetary die represents the situation at hand. There are inner planets and outer planets. Outer planets are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. (They are slower moving and tend to reflect longer term events and often have a more powerful effect.)

Definitions - Houses:

1: Outer personality, image, and appearance.

2:  Finances, money, possessions and spending habits.

3:  Networking, communication, immediate environment and short distance travel.

4: Parents or people that act as parental figures, domestic issues, home, family and foundations.

5: Self-expression, creativity, children, romance and fun.

6: Physical and mental health, daily routines, duties, pets, personal service and employees.

7:  Close personal relationships, spousal relationships, and business partnerships.

8:  Shared resources, other people’s money, intimate unions, death and transformation.

9: Journeys and long distance travel, collective mind, belief, religion and philosophy.

10: Career, recognition, success, vocation and reputation.

11: Friends and associates, dreams and visions.

12: Things that are hidden, spiritual values, transcendence, karma and the collective soul.

Definitions - Astrological Signs:

Aries: (Fire/+) Independence, impulsivity, innovation, competition, daringiness, innocence, childlike energy, fearlessness, rashness, recklessness.

Taurus: (Earth/-) Security, earthiness, practicality, steadfastness, materialism, reliability, artistic, stubborn, passiveness, sensual, productive.

Gemini: (Air/+) Duality, intelligence, curiosity, gossipy, wordy, mischievousness, clever, rational, communicative, alert, logical.

Cancer: (Water/-) Feeling, receptive, smothering, vulnerable, domestic, shy, withdrawn, tender, loyalty, nurturing.

Leo: (Fire/+) Stamina, leadership, pride, majestic, dignified, expressive, domineering, egocentric, regal, warm, big-hearted, confidant, dynamic.

Virgo: (Earth/-) Rationality, practicality, humble, neurotic, petty, picky, discriminating, detailed, discerning, pickiness, overly critical, helpful.

Libra: (Air/+) Relating, balance, harmony, dependance, diplomacy, considerate, indecisive, idle, superficial, gives power away, taste.

Scorpio: (Water/-) Transformative, truth, honesty, overwhelming, complex, erotic, sexual, power-hungry, jealous, possessive, cruelty, hidden emotions, secrecy.

Sagittarius: (Fire/+): Adventure, philosophical, optimism, freedom loving, scattered, dogmatic, athletic, outspoken, condescending, need for relaxation.

Capricorn: (Earth/-) Practical, striving, orderly, dutiful, disciplined, controlling, organized, miserly, calculating, guarded, prudent, Machiavellian, efficient.

Aquarius: (Air/+) Progressive, quick, electric, scientific, anarchistic, deviant, gregarious, independent, eccentric, unreasonable, strange, aloof, innovative, erratic.

Pisces: (Water/-) Dreamy, mystical, compassionate, escapism, gullible, indiscriminate, boundless, flowing, poetic, vague, drifting, ungrounded, romantic, transcendental.

Definitions - Planets:  

The Sun: “I will.” The ego, confidence, your basic identity, vitality, stamina, creation, domination, timidity and conscious purpose.

The Moon: “I emote." Emotions, protection, sensitivity, instincts, feelings, moods, the unconscious, fear and daily habits.

Mercury: “I think.” The mind, rationality, communication, reason, cunning, restlessness, learning and language.

Venus: “I harmonize.” Love, values, grace, attraction, relationships, art, vanity, self-indulgence, laziness, harmony and beauty.

Mars: “I act.” Assertion, enterprise, aggression, action, personal desire, courage, violence, coarseness, selfishness, passion, sex and competition.

Jupiter: “I expand.” Search for meaning, benevolence, growth, expansion, luck, abundance, optimism, excessiveness, pompousness and understanding.

Saturn: “I manifest.” Order, discipline, responsibility, fear, inhibition, blockages, depression, control, pessimism, patience, groundedness, obligation, law, and structure.

Uranus: “I liberate.” Unique identity, change, brilliance, innovation, eccentricity, genius, chaos, deviance, anti-social behavior and rebellion.

Neptune: “I unify.” Transcendence, imagination, dreams, intuition, psychic abilities, healing, delusion, escapism, inspiration, idealism, confusion, ungroundedness, hypersensitivity and the greater whole.

Pluto: “I renew.” Transformation, renewal, destruction, manipulation, vindictiveness, control, power, death, rebirth, and evolution.

The North Node of the Moon: Lessons, fate, and the path forward.

The South Node of the Moon: The past, karmic baggage, and the previous path.

For a deeper look...

The Elements

The fire signs are: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. The element of fire corresponds to the active life force, energy, action and identity. The spark.

The air signs are: Aquarius, Gemini and Libra. The element of air corresponds with the mental realm, where thoughts become reality.

The earth signs are: Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo which correspond to the physical realm which coincides with our senses and things which we perceive as real and tangible.

The water signs are: Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. The element of water corresponds with the emotional and intuitive realms. Water represents the unconscious forces and soulful understanding.

The Polarities

Yang: active, masculine, day, extroverted, logical, expressive.

Yin: receptive, feminine, night time, introverted, intuitive, feeling.

The Modalities

Cardinal: initiation, beginning, action.

Fixed: preserve, sustain, endurance.

Mutable: adapt, change, variety.

Oh, and p.s.

Remember to follow your intuition and ultimately, you are the boss of your own destiny as a co-creator with the universe. The choices and actions we make in the present continually shape our future. Happy rolling!

Where to find astrological dice?

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